CSS Made Easy

Designed for WordPress users, this course takes you from total beginner to confidently reading, writing, and understanding CSS.

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What You’ll Find Here

Everything here on Permaslug is designed to help you level up your WordPress skillset and expand your digital toolkit.


Video and written tutorials on topics related to WordPress page builders, plugins, and the goings on in our community.


Learn specific topics more deeply with structured content designed to help you become proficient in less time.

Live Streams

Join the community during YouTube live streams where we’ll work on new websites, chat with key community members, and more.

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Proposals Made Easy

My all-in-one proposals package that will save you time, help you create more compelling proposals, and ultimately win more projects.

If you’re like me and you value simplicity, clarity, and effectiveness, Proposals Made Easy is for you. It will save you time, help you create more compelling proposals, and ultimately win more projects.

Ready-to-Use Google Doc

Real-Life Examples

Pricing Strategies

Video Walkthrough

Email Template

And More!

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CSS Made Easy

CSS Made Easy is a comprehensive course tailored to WordPress users that will guide you from the basics of CSS to confidently reading, writing, and understanding CSS by the end. It’s builder-agnostic, so regardless of the page builder or theme you use, the content applies to you.

This beginner-friendly course is designed with interactive lessons that build your knowledge progressively, making it perfect for those who have never written a single line of CSS.

10 modules, 40+ lessons

Beginner friendly


Skills checks



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Generate Made Easy

Learn how to harness the power of the GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks to build fast, accessible, and extremely powerful websites.

We will cover everything from basic interface terms and functionality all the way up to creating an entirely real website.

The course currently includes of 50 video lessons, including a 2.5 hour live website build, from the ground up.

Beginner friendly

Start to finish concepts

Ultra fast page speeds

Client friendly

Full site build

Tips and tricks

Jonathan jernigan

About The Instructor

Hey there! My name is Jonathan Jernigan.

I’m the owner and founder at APEX Web Solutions (my agency) and run the YouTube channel Jonathan Jernigan (formerly Permaslug). I’ve been building websites professionally since 2014 and creating tutorial content online since 2018.

On YouTube, I’ve released over 150 videos ranging from in-depth full website build live streams to individual how-to style tutorials.

In 2020, I created the Ultimate Oxygen Course, which was the first available, longest running, and most successful Oxygen course with numerous 5-star reviews and over 1,000 sales.

In 2022, I released my second course, Generate Made Easy, where I’ve taught over 150 students how to build fast, powerful, accessible websites with GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks.

2023 sees the release of my 3rd course, CSS Made Easy. I’ll be teaching my students how to gain a comprehensive understanding of CSS and how to put the concepts in practice on real websites.

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