How to Get Good Clients as a Freelancer

Written By

Jonathan Jernigan

  • Pricing
    • Have minimums and stick to them
    • Don’t undercut
    • Don’t offer discount
  • Quality over quantity
    • Monthly recurring income
    • 7 clients make up 90% of my revenue
    • The remaining ~13 make up the final 20%
  • Use a contract every single time
    • Pay a lawyer to do it right.
    • Serious businesses will expect it
    • Protects you and the client
    • Covers against scope creep
    • Get paid on time
  • Fire clients
    • Listen to red flags in initial meetings
    • If the client is unreasonable, rude, etc fire them
    • Fall back on the terms of your contract
  • Specialize
    • Don’t be a jack of all trades
    • Don’t offer website design, social media, ppc, seo, etc as 1 person
    • Focus on 2 or 3 things you do extremely well and charge for it
  • Communication is key
    • Reach out via a call, text, email every few days
    • Keep clients updated
    • Just answer the damn phone
    • Don’t hide behind email

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