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Cloudflare Firewall Rules to Make Your Website Even Faster & More Secure

In my latest video, I’ll guide you through the process of making your WordPress website more secure and efficient using … Read more


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Fluent Booking First Look (1)
Fluent Booking First Look – Calendly Alternative WordPress Plugin

The recently released Fluent Booking seems to be a great plugin to replace Calendly or similar booking SaaS services with … Read more
Care Plan Support
Creating a Process for Care Plan Support Requests

Managing website changes and support requests for all your care plan clients can become particularly difficult as you grow, or … Read more
Inside Link E21
Jamie Marsland on WordPress Core, FSE, and More – Inside Link E21

This is my conversation with Jamie Marsland. Him and I discuss WordPress Core and its future development paths, as well … Read more
Dynamic Ty Pages@2x
Automatically Generate Thank You Pages in ANY WordPress Page Builder

Thank you pages are a powerful and sometimes critical marketing asset to track conversion. But, creating them can pose a … Read more
Inside Link E20
CodeWP First Look – AI WordPress Code Generator – Inside Link E20

It’s no exaggeration to say that AI and specifically ChatGPT have become a huge part of many WordPress developers workflows, … Read more
Query String Params (1)
3 Practical Uses for URL Query String Parameters in WordPress

This tutorial will show you three very powerful and practical use cases for utilizing URL qery string parameters on your … Read more
25 Intro To Blocks
Beginners Guide to Blocks and Gutenberg in WordPress

Welcome to a detailed overview of what Blocks are in WordPress and how to start using them.  Whether you’ve never … Read more
Inside Link E19 (2)
Exploring FSE and Pinegrow w/ Adam Lowe – Inside Link E19

Full Site Editing and custom blocks are a topic of conversation all over WordPress. This week, joining me live is … Read more
Attending Wordcamp
What It’s Like to Attend a WordCamp (WordCamp US 2023 Vlog)

Join me on a recap tour of WordCamp US 2023 and get an idea of what it’s like to attend. … Read more