GenerateBlocks Gets CLASSY – Classes, CSS Grid and More Built In!

Let’s dive into the newest features of GenerateBlocks Pro which include a totally overhauled class system, meaning we can now … Read more


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Css Recipe
Customizing a WP Recipe Plugin With Only CSS

A new member of CSS Made Easy asked if it was possible to get their recipe plugin looking more like … Read more
Inside Link E06
WPTuts: Most Exciting WordPress Developments in 2023 – Inside Link E06

Joining me is one of my favorite WordPress YouTubers, Paul from WPTuts. Our discussion topic for this week is on … Read more
Plugin Stack
Recommended Plugins & Tech Stack (2023)

My tech stack over the last year or so has seen some dramatic changes. If you watch videos and read … Read more
Blog Thumb@2x (1)
Permaslug is now Jonathan Jernigan

I’m really excited to announce something that I’ve been considering for a long time. TL:DR; Permaslug is now Jonathan Jernigan. … Read more
Man Working Window
Delete email off your phone

One of the most positive changes I’ve made and strongly advocate you implement seems to shock just about everyone when … Read more
Inside Link E05 Alt (1)
Bricks Builder, Course Creation, and More (w/ Dave Foy) – Inside Link E05

I am incredibly thrilled to have Dave Foy joining me this week to talk about Bricks Builder and why he … Read more
Css Beginners
Beginners CSS Crash Course for WordPress Users

Learning CSS is an extremely empowering thing to know as a WordPress web designer and developer. It will help you … Read more
Inside Link E04 (2)
Plugins & Services – Inside Link E04

This week on Inside Link, I’ll be covering a few different plugins I’ve wanted to review and cover for some … Read more
Inside Link E03 (1)
Client Editing Reimagined with Custom Blocks (Blockstudio) – Inside Link E03

This week on Inside Link, I’m joined by my good friend Taylor Drayson who is an early adopter of building … Read more