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Jonathan Jernigan

Hey everyone. Welcome back to Permaslug. My name is Jonathan and today I’m bringing you something a little bit different, which is a product review for a new desk that I got. It’s the Vitesse 55 Inch Gaming Desk.

Many of you are probably familiar with my channel, which is all WordPress tutorials and content related to website design. But in this case this is actually something relatively connected to WordPress and that is the ergonomics and function of the desk that you’re working on of course, because you need a computer to build websites. 

What I Wanted In a Desk

And so I set out to find what I’m calling an ultra wide computer desk. What that is for me was something that had lots of extra space and a couple of other criteria was the fact that I wanted to add a dual monitor stand and a boom mic arm to my desk. 

I had to make sure the desktop was thick enough to be able to support those. I had a glass desk previously that was only about a quarter or maybe even an eighth of an inch thick. And I was afraid that the weight of two monitors and a stand being clamped to that glass desk wasn’t going to hold up. 

So I ended up finding this Vitesse 55 Inch Gaming Desk and I have been extremely impressed by it. So what I’m going to walk you through in this review is just everything that you would need to know from assembly to my thoughts on it, what it looks like and how the process is going to go so that you can decide if this is a good solution for you. 

So to start off with, like I said, I was looking for a computer desk that was extra wide and I was searching for extra wide computer desks and I wasn’t finding anything that I was after. They either weren’t actually wide or they were crazy expensive, wouldn’t be here for weeks, etc.

But then I changed my search query to gaming desks and it actually produced a lot of good results. So the area in my room that I have as 117 inches wide and I wanted to be able to fit two dual monitor computer desk side by side. 

This desktop is advertised as 55 inches wide. My measurements show it’s just shy of 55, more like 54 point something, but it’s close enough and in my case it’s going to fit in this two by two configuration perfectly. 

What I didn’t consider wanting in a desk and it wasn’t something that I was searching for, but I am super impressed with is the cable management that this desk offers and that’s something that I think is really important. If you care about cable management at all, just buy this desk. It’s pretty much amazing. I’ve never seen any other desk like this with the amount of cable management that this one has.


Things to Note

Now I did see reviews mentioning the fact that this desk is actually in two pieces, so the whole tabletop is not actually one continuous 55” piece of wood. I was a little bit concerned about this, but to be honest with you, now that I have it assembled and have the included mouse pad that covers the whole desktop on top of it, I actually really like it and it doesn’t bother me at all. 

You can kind of see the gap in the desktop if you look down at it as I’m doing right now, but in fact it doesn’t really make all that big of a difference. The desk is really stable and secure and there’s no bowing at all. 

Thanks to the fact that the way that these brackets are built, there’s a nice big metal plate right in the center of the desk and then there’s also another little support beam to add a little extra strength. 

Like I mentioned, the whole desktop has a nice carbon fiber finish which is kind of cool. They include a rolled up mouse pad that covers the entire length of the desk perfectly, which is optional, of course, but I think despite the fact that it has this kind of goofy branding on it, it actually works really well and it gives kind of a nice look to it. It makes it look sort of gamer-ish and kind of modern maybe, but I’m really happy with how it looks. I guess you could probably get your own mouse pad and not use the whole desk one, but I think it looks nice.


Assembly took me about two hours because I went slow and I did actually do some steps wrong. Part of that is to do with the fact that the instructions are pretty awful, but I’m typing this on the desk so clearly they got the point across enough for me to assemble the desk and get it working just fine.

All the hardware that comes with the desk has plenty of extras and I actually was wondering if I set things up incorrectly, but it turns out that they give you an extra of just about everything, including one of the adjustable feet on the bottom.

It also comes with the allen keys and a pretty decent Phillips head screwdriver that you’ll need for the assembly process. The Phillips head screwdriver in fact is actually now in my toolbox because it was a good enough product that I wanted to keep it. 


Cable Management

The cable management tray on the bottom of the desk is super useful. It took me kind of a while to figure out how to arrange that and get it set up. But the fact that I’ve been able to organize my desk in such a way that I can pretty much only see the cable to my mic at the moment is pretty incredible. 

And I love the fact that underneath the desk there’s just one kind of group of cables going down to my computer instead of like a flurry of cables down there. And that’s something that I’ve always cared about but never really had the ability to figure out how to manage. 

But in this case, thanks to that big plastic tray, the cable management was a breeze. So like I said earlier, if you care about cable management, just buy this desk and don’t think twice about it.

There are two cutouts in the desktop to be able to run cables down them, kind of like you would expect in a higher end office desk. It’s got those little plastic caps so you can cover them if you want to. And then also if you only have one or two cables going down in it, you can still use the plastic cap and adjust them to open just enough. 


Other Features

The desk also includes a cup holder and a controller stand and both of those I thought were pretty gimmicky but I actually love the cup holder. It’s to the right of the desk and in my case it actually works perfectly cause it bumps just up against the wall and it’s got a nice little cutout to be able to put a coffee mug in, which is cool. I put my water bottle in it later in the day and my coffee cup in it early in the morning. So that thing works really well. 

The controller stand, I’m not really gonna use because I don’t have a console or anything plugged into these monitors, but it is working as a stand for my iPhone so that I can just look down at it and the face ID for my phone opens it up.

I mentioned a minute ago that this desk has adjustable feet on it, which is really great because I didn’t realize the floor in this room, my desk is in is a little bit crooked, so I was able to just unscrew one of the feet accordingly and the desk is now adjusted properly. 

There’s also the headphone hook on the desk, so if you want to put your headphones underneath the desk when you’re not using them, that’s great. It’s on the left side of the desk and it’s tucked up a good bit underneath the desk so you really can’t see it. I’m not personally using that because I don’t use headphones all that often and when I do it just kind of put them away in a drawer. 



One thing that I love is this desk is big enough and it sits just far enough away from the wall that I’m able to extend my legs out, which is really great. So the ergonomics of that has been awesome. This desk is a bit deeper than my old one so that’s been nice to be able to stretch my legs a little bit and I’ll have to keep them bent. I felt like I was starting to get knee problems because of always having my legs sharply bent underneath my other desk.


Final Thoughts

Obviously this desk is really wide so it has a ton of space and that was one of my goals. I also was able to achieve a better solution for cable management 

I also wanted the desk platform to be thick enough for my dual monitor stand and boom mic arm I added to this desk, which both work perfectly. I can type and neither the mic or the computer screens shake when I’m typing or using the mouse, which is awesome. 

Overall, I think this is a really great product. I would highly recommend this if you care about any combination of extra space, cable management, looks, ergonomics and the ability to mount the monitor stand and the boom mic, like I mentioned. 

Find this product on Amazon by clicking here.

I really appreciate you taking the time to read this review and I hope it’s helpful for you. Please check out my YouTube channel at and there you’ll find tons of WordPress and website design related content. Thank you again and I will see you soon.

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