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Jonathan Jernigan

The recently released Fluent Booking seems to be a great plugin to replace Calendly or similar booking SaaS services with a WordPress plugin. In this video, I’m taking a first look into the software to see how viable it might be as a booking system for a small massage studio.

Fluent Booking is extremely easy to work with and setup. I would like to see a few more features:

  • A way to manage payment inside the app, rather than having to go to Stripe to refund a customer
  • Ability to charge deposits on a total price service, and charge the customer after the service
  • Ability to implement a no-show fee if the customer doesn’t show up for service
  • Ability to implement a fee to cancel services if it’s X hours prior to their scheduled start time

One fantastic feature that Fluent Booking already has is the ability to check multiple calendars for conflicts, meaning if you have a work and a personal Google Calendar, it will check for conflicts on both calendars before showing availability on your Fluent Booking calendar. Amazing!

Overall, I think this is a great piece of software that will be extremely useful across a broad range of clients. If you’re a WordPress professional looking for a solid, simple booking solution: Fluent Booking might be what you’re after.

Get Fluent Booking here: https://jonathanjernigan.com/go/fluent-booking

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