WordPress Patterns Are About to Get Way More Powerful!

Patterns in WordPress v6.5 are somewhat versatile and have their uses, but you run up against limitations pretty quickly. However, … Read more


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Generateblocks Pro 1.7 Live Build Yt Thumb (1)
Live Page Build With New Global Styles in GenerateBlocks Pro

The latest update to GenerateBlocks Pro brings a totally overhauled Global Styles system that is much more in line with … Read more
Dynamic Data Yt Thumb (2)
Beginners Guide to Dynamic Data in WordPress and Gutenberg / Block Editor

Dynamic data is the perhaps the most exciting concept to master in WordPress because you can harness the power custom … Read more
Wsform Front End Post Creation Yt Thumb
WS Form Front End Event Creation (First Look at WS Form)

Form plugins for WordPress are really dime-a-dozen so I never figured I’d consider switching away from Gravity Forms, but WS … Read more
Generateblocks 1.9 Live
GenerateBlocks Gets CLASSY – Classes, CSS Grid and More Built In!

Let’s dive into the newest features of GenerateBlocks Pro which include a totally overhauled class system, meaning we can now … Read more
Order Posts By Custom Meta Field
Reorder GenerateBlocks Query Loop by Custom Date Field

Reorganizing your post query loop by custom field is a great way to keep content organized on the front-end, especially … Read more
Acf Options Page
More Than Just Another Basic ACF Options Page Tutorial

ACF Options page can be extremely powerful, but often the tutorials and examples found elsewhere show basic use cases like … Read more
Revenue Sheet
My Simple & EXTREMELY Effective Revenue Tracking Sheet

My aim when it comes to almost every aspect of running my web design agency is to keep things as … Read more
Basecamp Top 3 Features
Top 3 Basecamp Features for Web Design & Project Management

Project management software is a dime a dozen. While you probably have one you already use, I wanted to share … Read more
Fluent Booking First Look (1)
Fluent Booking First Look – Calendly Alternative WordPress Plugin

The recently released Fluent Booking seems to be a great plugin to replace Calendly or similar booking SaaS services with … Read more
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