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Why I’m Leaving Cloudways for GridPane

For years, I seemingly moved web hosts every 3-6 months for a variety of reasons until I landed on Cloudways … Read more


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DNS Video
THIS is the BEST Way to Manage DNS For All Your Clients

Managing DNS can be a massive headache because of the variety of domain registrars we’ll encounter as we acquire more … Read more
Inside Link E12 (1)
Elijah Mills – Inside Link Episode 12

Joining me this week on Inside Link is Elijah Mills, who you may know as the product lead of Oxygen … Read more
Inside Link E11 (1)
DNS, Hosting, and Care Plans – Inside Link E11

Top of mind for me lately is preemptively making changes to my care plan clients DNS to give myself far … Read more
Inside Link E10
Inbox: Picking The Right Page Builder – Inside Link E10

In my inbox this week is a fantastic and in-depth question from a subscriber. They are seeking advice on transitioning … Read more
Inside Link E09 (1)
Kevin Geary – Inside Link E09

Joining me is someone you likely already know if you’ve been anywhere near WordPress page builders in the last year. … Read more
Inside Link E08 (1)
Coworking, CSS, and Q&A – Inside Link E08

I have lots of work to do today, so todays episode of Inside Link is going to be a coworking … Read more
CSS Recipe
Customizing a WP Recipe Plugin With Only CSS

A new member of CSS Made Easy asked if it was possible to get their recipe plugin looking more like … Read more
Inside Link E06
WPTuts: Most Exciting WordPress Developments in 2023 – Inside Link E06

Joining me is one of my favorite WordPress YouTubers, Paul from WPTuts. Our discussion topic for this week is on … Read more
Recommended Plugins & Tech Stack (2023)

My tech stack over the last year or so has seen some dramatic changes. If you watch videos and read … Read more
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