Dynamic Data Made Easy

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While the course is still in production, I’m offering a 23% discount over the normal price. This isn’t as good as the pre-sale price, but still an amazing deal over the normal price of $49.

Buy now and receive the content around April 22nd, 2024. Once the full course is released, the pre-production price of $38 goes away and normal price of $49 kicks in.

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In this value packed course, we will use the example of a car dealership website to master dynamic data concepts including:

  • Creating a Custom Post Type called Inventory (critical for organization, search, filtering, and more)
  • Creating Advanced Custom Fields to hold data like vehicle mileage, price, fuel type, transmission, status (sold, pending, available, etc) and more
  • Displaying the custom field data anywhere on your site with template tags
  • Creating an Inventory archive template that automatically updates as new inventory is added
  • Dynamically changing sections of the site based on vehicle “Status” – I.E. Hiding the price when the vehicle is pending or sold

My goal is to teach you how to utilize Dynamic Data concepts in a number of different ways that will apply to the vast majority of websites you build, regardless of theme or page builder, and which applies to a huge range of website types.

Whether you want to build a membership site, a car dealership website, or any other type of site that relies on dynamic data, this course will help you achieve that.

This course is currently in pre-production so you’re purchasing the discounted pre-sale price of $27. This pre-sale pricing won’t ever be repeated again and once it’s gone, the normal price of $49 kicks in.

Is This Course Right For You?

  • This course is totally focused on Dynamic Data concepts inside the Block Editor (Core Blocks, GenerateBlocks, Kadence, etc).
  • If you use other page builders who don’t primarily use the Block Editor (Bricks, Oxygen, etc), this course is not applicable for you.
  • This course is not focused on design, only dynamic data and associated concepts.
  • If you already know how to create CPTs, ACF fields, build templates, or insert dynamic data tags, this course is not for you.
  • In this course, I will be using all free plugins. Do note that I will be using GenerateBlock free and GeneratePress Premium to create templates but the concepts shown apply to any theme or block package (workflow deviations for your theme or page builder are not covered in this course)

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What People Are Saying

Dave Foy

I’m delighted to see that my friend, brilliant WP educator Jonathan Jernigan, has just opened up a presale for his new course, Dynamic Data Made Easy.

If you’ve ever taken any of Jonathan’s other courses, like ‘CSS Made Easy’, or ‘Generate Made Easy’ (you may have spotted a pattern…), you’ll know the level of quality to expect.

So, although you might have noticed I’m a die-hard Bricks user—I’ve still happily placed my pre-order. I reckon I’m going to learn a lot of best-practice dynamic content principles that I can easily transfer over to Bricks.

Dave Foy, Design Build Web & Build With Bricks

Kyle Van Deusen

When using custom post types and dynamic data finally “clicked” for me, it was like an entirely new world opening up.

Which is why when I just saw that Jonathan is doing a mini course on dynamic data using a very practical example I got so excited.

If you want to finally make sense of custom post types, custom fields, and why on earth you’d use them — then I think this course is gonna be just what you need

Kyle Van Deusen, The Admin Bar

Adam Lowe

Instant buy. I always learn something from Jonathan, and at $27 this is a no-brainer.

Adam Lowe, AdamLowe.io