About Me

My name is Jonathan Jernigan and I live in Florida, US and A. I run a small web development agency, create courses, and make YouTube videos. I started a YouTube channel in late 2018 focused around WordPress that I decided to call Permaslug.

I came up with the name Permaslug as sort of an amalgamation of permalink and slug, two words we WordPress folk come across quite often. The idea was to make something weird and not ultra-cliché and boring like “Jonathan’s WordPress Channel.” Hopefully I accomplished that goal. Still not entirely sure I did, but alas! 

In early 2023, I decided to drop the Permaslug name and switch my online channels to “Jonathan Jernigan”.

My YouTube channel was founded to focus on Oxygen Builder tutorials because that’s what my main builder was for many years.

The channel grew and I decided to release “Ultimate Oxygen Course” which was the most successful, longest running, and highest rated course available for Oxygen.

In time, due to a number of factors, I started looking at other builders. For me, it was about more than just what builder had the shiniest and most powerful features. It was a balancing act of features and what I wanted out of my personal & professional life.

My goals personally include spending as much time as possible with my family, going motor racing on the weekends, and traveling. Professionally, I want to build a stable business that is scalable and provides exceptional value to my clients.

So what does that bring me to in terms of builder? The best balance of all things for me is GeneratePress + GenerateBlocks.

After my trip to WordCamp 2022, I felt very strongly that Gutenberg is the future of WordPress and while I was resistant to it for a long while, I’ve come to really like it. I know there are many folks who would strongly disagree with me, but that is of no concern to me. Whatever builder you feel is best, is best.

Gutenberg for me has the long term growth potential I want out of my primary builder. It has a focus on speed, performance, and usability. It also has an incredible community of passionate, friendly, and helpful people. That’s where I want to spend my time and energy, and I’m excited to contribute in my small way.

Gutenberg undoubtedly has a long way to go, but I’m excited to be along for the ride.

My goal with starting this website (Permaslug) from the very outset was to share the exciting things I come across with anyone who might find it useful. I wanted to build a community of people who want to share ideas and grow together. This happened more quickly and grew way larger than I ever envisioned, which is immensely rewarding.

I’ve also been fortunate to build some of the most meaningful friendships with other creators and members of my community. It’s incredible and keeps me excited to publish and share more.

Ultimately, this website and my YouTube channel aim to be a resource to help you with your own website projects and to better your own life.

I want to share things that enable you to make more money, directly or indirectly. With each of my tutorials, the goal is to show you a new approach to become more efficient, more profitable, and level up your own skills.

Thanks in advance for your interest and support in me on this wild and exciting journey.