My Simple & EXTREMELY Effective Revenue Tracking Sheet

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Jonathan Jernigan

My aim when it comes to almost every aspect of running my web design agency is to keep things as simple as possible, and of course that extends to tracking and analyzing my revenue.

It goes without saying that I use proper accounting software like Quickbooks, but from an analysis perspective it’s not helpful or easy for me to do.
Generating reports is cumbersome and doesn’t give me the at-a-glance style report I want.

So, this videos shows you the super simple Google Sheet I created to track my revenue year over year and generate a monthly run rate.
It’s designed to be incredibly simply, but give you good insight into what aspects of your business are generating the most revenue, as well as being able to compare that information to years past.

Use the form below and I’ll email you the link to generate your own copy of the Agency Revenue Analysis Sheet:

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