Cloudflare Firewall Rules to Make Your Website Even Faster & More Secure

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Jonathan Jernigan

In my latest video, I’ll guide you through the process of making your WordPress website more secure and efficient using Cloudflare’s custom firewall rules.

Cloudflare offers a generous free DNS system that significantly enhances your website’s security and performance and by implementing these custom firewall rules, you can further protect your site from malicious attackers, spammers, and unwanted access.

Key points covered in the video include:

  • Benefits of Cloudflare’s Free Plan: Learn about the security and performance features included in Cloudflare’s free plan.
  • Creating Custom Firewall Rules: Detailed instructions on setting up firewall rules to allow good bots, block aggressive crawlers, and challenge large providers and VPN users.
  • Blocking Web Hosts: How to block traffic from certain web hosts that can be used for malicious activities.
  • Whitelisting Server IPs: Ensuring your server IP is whitelisted for proper functionality of cron jobs and other services.

Watch the video to learn how to implement the custom rules.
Link to Troy’s blog post:

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