Easy Scroll Animations with Sal.js (No Custom Code Required)

YouTube video

Written By

Jonathan Jernigan

Scroll animations are a great way to liven up your page, but going overboard with them can have both usability and performance implications. In this video, I’m going to show you how to implement the extremely lightweight and easy to use animations library called Sal.js.

I make it as simple possible to install with WPCodeBox. In my case, I’m using GenerateBlocks Pro but this will also work with Oxygen, Bricks, and many others.

Get WPCodeBox: https://jonathanjernigan.com/go/wpcodebox

Link to George’s site: https://www.gmitropapas.com/generatepress-tips-and-tricks/generateblocks/scrolling-animation-effects-in-generateblocks-pro/
GitHub library: https://mciastek.github.io/sal/

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