Easily Add GSAP Animations to WordPress with Motion Page

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Jonathan Jernigan

GSAP animations are a fantastic way to add life and motion to your website, but it has a steep learning curve with a heavy reliance on JavaScript. Now the team behind OxyNinja has brought us a WordPress plugin called Motion Page that enables you to harness the power of GSAP without writing any code at all.

In this video, we’ll create two nice animations as our very first look at the plugin and in future episodes we will create even more complex animations using Motion Page. I hope you are as excited as I am!

Get Motion Page here: https://jonathanjernigan.com/go/motionpage

*Please note: This footage was recorded with a pre-release version of the software, so bugs and deviations from the final release version might be present.

Motion Page currently works with the following builders as of 17 Nov 2021: Oxygen, Gutenberg, Bricks, Elementor, Zion, Beaver, SeedPro, Themify Builder, Brizy, Nimble Builder.

Learn more about my Oxygen Builder course here: https://jonathanjernigan.com/ultimate-oxygen-course/


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