Permaslug is now Jonathan Jernigan

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Jonathan Jernigan

I’m really excited to announce something that I’ve been considering for a long time.

TL:DR; Permaslug is now Jonathan Jernigan.

When I started creating tutorials back in 2018, I never really intended to use my personal name for much of anything. After my first few videos, I went camera-less and didn’t use my real name. The Permaslug name was just two wordpress phrases smashed together (Permalink and Slug). I named it that because it was relevant to WordPress and I didn’t have to use my real name. 

As things started to grow and I participated in communities outside YouTube, it was plainly evident that using my real name and real face helped me connect more meaningfully. I think the Permaslug name was a bit of a shield in the early days because I was afraid of putting myself out there. Turns out I didn’t really need it at all. 

Another big consideration in making this switch for me is that over the years, as many of you have so kindly shared my content and courses, you often just refer to me as Jonathan, not as Permaslug. 

That isn’t something that’s been a problem, but I want to eliminate having two different names for what is essentially just me. 

So, I’ve decided to switch over to just my personal name as my brand moving forward. My website and various social channels will adjust slightly to reflect this name change and I might adjust some visual styles and logos, but for the most part it won’t be particularly disruptive. 

I appreciate all of you. I’m really excited about this year and what’s to come. 

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