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Jonathan Jernigan

For many years, I was a huge Oxygen Builder advocate but over the last 6 months I’ve become fully invested into the world of Gutenberg and Blocks. In this interview on The Admin Bar with Kyle Van Deusen, I explore with him some of the pros and cons I’ve experienced when switching.

If you’re someone that is interested in exploring GeneratePress and GenerateBlocks, this is a great stream for you to watch to help decide whether it makes sense for you to make the jump.

It goes without saying these tools are more simplistic than something like Oxygen and Bricks and we discuss this in the stream, including a lack of elements you might be familiar with like sliders, tabs, etc. The pros, though, highly outweigh these cons and we discuss why that is in the stream.

I highly recommend you check out Kyle and The Admin Bar. He produces fantastic content and runs a lively, high quality Facebook community.

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