Ultimate Oxygen Course Closing

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Jonathan Jernigan

Oxygen Course Closing

I’ve taken a bunch of time away from the web world to think and decide what direction I want to go next. For me, what feels like the perfect balance of all factors is Gutenberg.
My Ultimate Oxygen Course was created because I was completely invested in the Oxygen ecosystem and wanted to teach others how incredible it is. With the recent debacle, my full investment and faith is no longer there. Selling an Oxygen course as a result of that is something I don’t feel comfortable continuing.
With that in mind, I’m going to be making a number of changes to the Permaslug website over the coming weeks. The Oxygen course will be closed for new purchases exactly two weeks from today (August 9th, 2022). Existing users will still have full access to the content.
I do also have a large batch of 4.0 course videos to post that will still be published. Not everything I originally planned will be published, notably the ACF and Meta Box content.
I am going to be taking my agency in a direction of monthly website packages instead of bespoke custom designs and functionality. My goal is to significantly bolster MRR and become far more scalable, while still providing clients an extremely valuable website.
My public content will evolve to the things I’m actively working on and learning myself. That was always the goal – create the content I would want to watch. I will more than likely be offering some sort of premium content in the future as well.
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If you have any questions or thoughts, please feel free to email me directly.

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