Why I’m Leaving Cloudways for GridPane

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Jonathan Jernigan

For years, I seemingly moved web hosts every 3-6 months for a variety of reasons until I landed on Cloudways in 2018. Since then, everything has been nearly rock solid except for a few annoying issues in recent months.

The issues I encountered with Cloudways were relatively minor annoyances for the most part, but the recent price increases and Digital Ocean acquisition has left me nervous as a 100% Vultr server user on Cloudways.

So, I started reinvestigating the migration to GridPane. I’ve now migrated a portion of my sites to GridPane and they’ve been live a few weeks without any troubles. In this video, I’ll share with you why I’m leaving Cloudways for GridPane and give you my initial thoughts.

There’s much more content to come on GridPane and Cloudflare, so make sure you’re subscribed!

Check out GridPane with my link: https://jonathanjernigan.com/go/gridpane
Watch my video on the BEST way to manage DNS for all your clients: https://jonathanjernigan.com/this-is-the-best-way-to-manage-dns-for-all-your-clients/

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